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CFCF Letter-writing campaign, a success!

Babylon 5 returns to Montréal!

The latest news, hot off the presses: Babylon 5 is now broadcast Tuesday nights at midnight [12 am Wednesdays]!! Chris Chartier, organizer of the Babylon 5 -- CFCF 12 petition got a call from Bill Merrill, Head of Programming the other morning with the good news.

Thank you all for your support, as we couldn't have done it without you. However, the quest is not over! CFCF has yet to commit to picking up Babylon 5 for the 1995-1996 season. So, show your gratitude for bringing Babylon 5 back by writing CFCF 12 a letter of thanks for their generosity in bringing perhaps the greatest television program since Doctor Who back to the Montréal air waves. Show them you'd like to see the show continue by signing the Babylon 5 petition at Nebula Bookstore, 1452 St. Mathieu and sending your letters of support to:

Attn: Bill Merrill, Head of Programming
405 Ogilvy
Montréal PQ
H3N 1M4


This weeks episode:

The Long Dark

The episodes listed here are based on the Montréal episode list. All air dates therein are for the Tuesday of the week of broadcast. Episodes in Montréal are broadcast Wednesdays at 12 am on CFCF 12, just after the Tuesday night Late Pulse News.

CFCF 12 originally broadcast the Babylon 5 Pilot Movie, The Gathering during both its runs on broadcast television, but did not pick up on season 1. However season 1 and part of season 2 were broadcast in Montréal through CJOH 8 in Ottawa. Due to a transmitter glitch which only effected the Montréal area, and to the lack of a rerun, Babylon Squared was never broadcast in this region. Otherwise, every episode prior to Hunter, Pray has been broadcast in the Montréal area.

See also the Lurker's Guide: Episode List for the Babylon 5 schedule outside of the Montréal area and many other tidbits of information.

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The Jump Gate to Hyperion!

Click here to enter the greatest storehouse of all things Babylon 5 known throughout the entire Earth Alliance, The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5.

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Last modified Sunday 4 June 1995.