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MPEG now available

But only for a limited time. I have uploaded an MPEG of the original series opening credits from The Revenge of Jedikiah, part 1: Curse of the Mummy's Tomb, but it will only be accessible for the next month or so, as my html quota will be massively dropping when I finish my studies at McGill University in early May.

Click here for the old series title credits in MPEG format.

New episodes

New episodes of The Tomorrow People are currently airing in the United States on Nickelodeon .

What is the Tomorrow People?

The Tomorrow People is a television program originally created by Roger Price for Thames Television from 1973 to 1979 for the ITV, Independent Television, network in Britain. From it's creation, Roger Damon Price went on to co-produce season 1 and produce season 4 of the series, in association with Paul Bernard, title sequence and main Designer, and Ruth Boswell, primary Budget Director. Price often served as Director, and wrote or co-wrote with Brian Finch all but the season 4 story, Into the Unknown, by Jon Watkins. The program was later re-run in Canada, in the United States, by the newly formed Nickelodeon cable network, and in over 50 other countries at its height.

In November 1992, almost two decade since the first episode of the original Tomorrow People series were shown, Tetra Films, a production company, in association with Thames Television and Nickelodeon, decided to produce an all-new series of Tomorrow People under the auspices of Roger Price. Many aspects of the program were changed between the two series, and it is as yet difficult to reconcile the two series. The new series is currently in its third season of 10 episodes with Roger Price replacing Alan Horrox, now Producer, as Executive Producer and Lee Pressman and Grant Cathro serving as head writers.

Who are the Tomorrow People?

The Tomorrow People are the next step in human evolution. They possess advanced ESP through the three T's: Telepathy, or mind talk, Teleportation, or Jaunting, and Telekinesis, or the ability to move objects with the mind. In the original series, telekinesis was much more prominent than it is in the current one, but where as in the new series, jaunting, or spontaneous transmission of the body through space, is trivial to the new Tomorrow People, the old TP required either belts or wristbands in order to increase their range and ability. Another difference between the two series is the location of the Tomorrow People base. In the old series, it was an abandoned underground [subway] station, or in later episodes, a post-modern lounge (the original underground set had been destroyed in a fire -- a common problem for British Sci Fi :) -- between season 5 and the first season 6 episode, The Lost Gods.), with a talking computer named Tim, where as in the new series, it is a mysterious crashed space ship that only moans occasionally.

Where can I obtain more information?

The Tomorrow People FAQ, compiled by Tomorrow People International president TC Kirkham in an invaluable source of information. It was last modified January 1995.

What is TPI?

The Tomorrow People International is the only known organized Tomorrow People fan club* outside of the UK. It is run by TC Kirkham,, an avid Tomorrow People fan and author. I am a member of this club, and have found it to be a valuable source of information and conversation. The great thing about TPI is its un-assuming nature: everyone is equal in the eyes of TPI, no matter your interests or opinions, so long as you show no malicious intent. We are all united under the common love for the Tomorrow People, and that is enough. (That and the fact that we are all in constant telepathic communication. :) For more information, you can either contact TC Kirkham via e-mail, or write to:

Tomorrow People International
KTS Entertainment Services
P.O. Box 1020
Saugus, MA 01906

Please try to include your mailing address when contacting TC Kirkham about the Tomorrow People International to receive more information via mail.

On the way:

oDescriptions for each serial by episode.
oImages from both series.
oThe theme music by the inimitable Dudley Simpson.

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Special thanks to Jeremy ``Jez'' Rogers, for some major corrections and additions to this Home Page, including extensive information on Tetra Films and Thames Television.

* This includes only clubs dedicated to the enjoyment of The Tomorrow People. More general British Sci Fi clubs such as New Horizons ( in Australia list the Tomorrow People among their many club interests.

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